Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweeter than Candie!

Tate Being so patient while I do Sissys hair!
Emma with her beautiful Smile!

I finally got him to sleep. Just not in his bed!

Everytime I look at my children I just can't believe that they are mine. What pure sweetness!

Blessings from Heaven!

Well our family had an eventful week. We have had sooo many blessings that I cannot thank my Heavenly Father enough for leading our family and protecting us. This past Tuesday Brett, and our family, got the shocking news that he got laid off. But as always were one door closes, there is a window that opens. And open it has. Both Brett and I feel that the Lord had his hand in all of this and is continuing to bless us. How thankful we are for the hope the gospel gives us!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, a Bowling we shall go!

So this past weekend was a long weekend off for the Emma and Brett so we decided to make some fun family memories and so when we asked the kids what they wanted to do they chose to go bowling. I wasn't feeling really well but as most of you parents know we can't disappoint the kids. So off we went and we had soooo much fun. Thanks Emma, Kort, and Tater bug. We love you guys!

Tater Bug and Daddy! What a sweetie pie!
Kort wanted to be a big boy and do it all by himself. With no help. Good Job Tui!

Emma, my perfectionist! She had to get it just right. She is so competitive too because when her brother won she wasn't too happy but her poor sport attitude didn't get the better of her. Great job, Sis!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The worst blogger ever!

Okay so as most of my family and friends have told me I am the worst blogger ever! I am Horrible but one of my new goals is to keep this updated so that those of you who are out-of- staters can keep up with our lives. Wish me luck!

Three Peas in a Pod

Our LIttle Man

Happy Six Months Tater Bug! I just can't believe that our Tate is 6 mnths. Time does fly. He is already rolling over a ton. Before we know it he will be walking and then graduation. Our family is so blessed!

This was such a fun year for Christmas! Santa was extremely good to us
and even more important we find ourselves even more blessed
by our Heavenly Father. Our family has made sone really great goals for
2009 and we are excited for some upcoming special events.